Sustainable School Supplies

It’s Back to School time! With some students heading into physical classrooms and others in virtual classrooms, one thing remains true, students need school supplies that are earth friendly. Our team at Elyn curated the most common school supply needs that have an eye towards how well they help the earth and students. Setting yourself up for a successful school year is easier when you know where to start. 

Highlighter Pencils
Taking good notes and making sure students have a way to highlight important information is critical to academic success. Switching out the typical plastic highlighter pens for these neon, high glow pencils helps everyone! 

Plastic Free Binder

Let students embrace their creative side as they embellish a binder with a neutral cover. Plus, everyone can feel good by using this FSC certified binder that’s not only made from recycled materials, the entire product is also completely recyclable when you’ve worn it out. 

Loose Leaf Paper

The best paper to put in your binder is one that uses recycled paper waste, or what’s known as post-consumer waste. This powerhouse includes 30% recycled paper when making loose-leaf paper, in addition, it’s printed with soy-based ink. Looking for a Spiral Bound version

Plant Based Glue Sticks
Made from a non-toxic plant formula these glue sticks make sure all your school, DIY, and craft projects hold up. What makes this a better choice is how the company uses both a recycled tube and packaging when making this product. 

Back Pack
Now that you have all your supplies, you need a backpack to keep track of everything! Made with a fabric that utilizes recycled water bottles, not only is it chlorine-free and water-resistant, it also has pockets galore! 

Now that you have a start to your school supply list, what are your favorite sustainable supplies? Let’s us know #elynsustainableschoolsupplies  

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