Eco Friendly Holidays

For busy women on the go, this time of year offers the opportunity to slow down. If you find yourself getting stressed about how to honor your desire for a more sustainable holiday season, pause and breath deep. We’ve got you covered with tips to make gift-giving and decoration more eco-friendly for this, and future, years.


  • Approach giving thoughtfully and pair a gift with an experience. The seasonal candle is a beautiful gift on its own and when paired with the experience of afternoon tea, in person or remote, can create a memory long after the candle has burned. 


  • Consider a live tree that can be replanted outside once the season is over. Or try an alternative to a tree such as a chalkboard tree or a pure paper tree (tip: use recycled paper bags) or this minimalist wooden dowel tree
  • Upcycling sweaters is a great way to add a bit of color to your mantel when you make and easy a festive garland
  • Reuse discarded books, wallpaper, or even colorful newspaper to make bunting and paper chain decorations

Start early so you don’t feel rushed this holiday season and remember to embrace the small steps to make the experience more relaxed. Share your favorite gift or decorating tip at #elynholidays


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