Clever items to simplify your life

Life certainly feels a bit overwhelming these days, but here at Elyn, we’re looking for ways to streamline and simplify life to help keep us uplifted and moving forward. When it comes to simplified homes and lifestyle,  we’ve adopted these two guideposts: 

  1. Find and use products that serve multiple purposes and do double duty. 

  2. Adopt the mantra “A place for everything and everything in its place” to decrease time spent looking for misplaced items.

We’ve curated a list of items to help keep the overwhelm at bay and let you approach the day with a light step. 

Double-Duty Items to Keep Life Simple: 

  • Streamline your morning beauty routine with a two in one lip and cheek color by Burts Bees, even better they’ve partnered with Terra Cycle to accept containers for recycling! 

  • On days you need to look your best but don’t have time for the full wash and dry, give yourself some extra time by using this dry shampoo with essential oils and natural baking soda to freshen your hair. 

  • Keeping your clothes (and sofa, too!) free of pet hair can not only be time-consuming, but it also creates waste when you use disposable lint sheets. This washable and reusable lint roller is good for the environment and keeping your home tidy. 

  • We’ve all had the experience of needing to use our cell phone but not having enough battery life. Keep this handy solar-powered flashlight and phone charger in your car and you’ll never be without power again. 

Items to Keep Everything in Place   

  • We love using eco-friendly reusable lunch containers but lid storage can be a bear. This handy organizer will help streamline leftovers storage and make packing lunches a breeze. 

  • A great multi-purpose organizing tool are reusable silicone bags. Not only can you use them in the freezer and or refrigerator, but you can also create your own hiking kit essentials or art on the go kit. 

  • Another pantry helper is the root vegetable storage system. No more shifting a sack of potatoes to get to the items you need when you’re able to hang your produce from a hook. Plus it can help decrease spoilage! 

  • Keep your entryway tidy and organized with a Bamboo charging station. Creating the habit of charging all your screened devices in once place will save you time and energy when you aren’t looking all over the house for missing cell phones or tablets. 

So, pause, take a deep breath, and thank yourself for making life a little simpler! Do you have a tip to streamline life? Tag us at #elynsimple 

Photo by Jeff Sheldon

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