Organize your Refrigerator

Food waste is one of the biggest contributors to our landfills with consumers disposing of up to 40% of produced food (USDA facts) One of the ways we can do our part in reducing food waste is by being mindful of how we store and keep our refrigerators organized. We’ve all experienced forgetting leftovers in the fridge so we created a three-step process to help you get your refrigerator in order.  

Step One: Empty and Clean
When the refrigerator has become unmanageable the best place to start is by emptying it completely. Compost expired food, recycle old containers, and give everything a good scrub with an eco-friendly cleaning solution. 

Adjust your shelves so they accommodate the food you buy and containers you have so you’ll be able to better see what’s on your shelves. 

Step Two: Organize and Store 
A common complaint regarding food waste is that food gets lost in the refrigerator. An easy solution is to divide the refrigerator into sections for easy storage and access. Keep your frequently reached for items easy to access and make a special spot for items close to expiration.  

  • If you have a house full of snackers try placing snacks in an easy to reach Pyrex container or metal grid basket 
  • Make life a little smoother in the morning and dedicate a drawer to lunch prep and lunch storage. 
  • Need some inspiration? Check out  #stockedandstoked  

Step Three: Label for Clarity 
A well-organized refrigerator is only as good as its labeling. Help everyone find the food they want by labeling clearly and explicitly. Depending on your storage systems, the best eco-friendly options are: 

  • Metal label tabs for fridge baskets. 
  • For all your glass canisters consider a pen that can write on glass or ceramic surfaces for easy labeling. 
  • Dry erase markers can be used to write directly on silicone bags.  

Thanks for helping keep food waste out of landfills, it’s the small steps we all take that add up to making big change. Now that your refrigerator is organized, share your favorite tip at #elynfridgeorg 

Photo by Polina TankilevitchDaria Shevtsova and cottonbro

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