Elyn’s Glossary of Green | Part Three

We’re back with another installment of Elyn’s Glossary of Green. We heard your desire to know more about confusing terms being used and what it means for you, an eco-friendly, busy woman always on the go.  As a sustainable products company, we had similar questions and worked together as a team to discern which ones are important and how they impact our lives. We’re proud to share Elyn Glossary of Green, Part Three where we’ve collected terms related to a green lifestyle and distilled them for the most pertinent points. 

Elyn’s Glossary of Green   

FSC Certified

The Forest Stewardship Council certifies businesses and manufacturers who take extra steps to ensure their products are from forests managed by a set of criteria that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. {Include this post link in the school supply post} 

Carbon footprint

This term refers to the total amount of greenhouse gases (primarily carbon dioxide) that are released for any given activity. To understand your footprint, calculate it with CoolClimate {Include this post link in the pantry post} 


This is an informal name for electrical items or electronics at the end of their useful life that have been discarded into a landfill. Very harmful to the environment because of the toxic chemicals used to manufacture electronic products.  {Include this post link in the  recycle electronics post} 

As we learn together we’ll be adding to the Glossary of Green so we can all make educated decisions about how we can do our part to create a sustainable lifestyle. Check out Part One and Part Two for a refresher. 

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