10 Tips for Eco Friendly Laundry

10 Tips for Eco Friendly Laundry

We’ve been sharing tips to make your whole house more eco-friendly and today we’re turning to the laundry room. While the process of laundry involves gallons of water, chemical-laden detergents, and countless dryer sheets ending up in the landfill, we wholeheartedly believe we can all take small steps toward more sustainable practices. To help you make it easier, we’ve curated 10 tips for eco-friendly laundry. 

Switch to Dryer Balls
Made from 100% New Zealand wool, dryer balls decrease static electricity, shorten drying time, and eliminates waste headed to landfills. They come unscented but it’s easy enough to add a few drops of essential oil to make your laundry smell fresh and clean. 

Skip Fabric Softener
Try adding baking soda or vinegar to your wash to soften clothes naturally. Ditch the chemical heavy fabric softener and reduce your plastic usage, too. 

Natural Soap
Trade your laundry detergent for a more environmentally friendly alternative, Castille soap. Check out our post on building a Green Cleaning Kit. You can also try the soap nut alternative to traditional detergents. 

Less Washing
Taking care of our clothing means less water waste with laundry cycles. Using aprons during meal prep and cloth napkins at dinner decreases spots and stains which means less time spent in the laundry room. 

Air Dry
Setting your laundry room up with a clothesline or drying rack will significantly decrease the amount of energy used by the dryer. To help avoid the starchy, crisp texture that often comes with line drying, pre-dry for 10-15 minutes with a wool dryer ball and then hang on the clothesline. 

Wash with Cold
Did you know that approximately 90% of the energy used in washing a load of clothes comes from heating up the water? Washing with cold water is beneficial for the environment and could even be better for your clothes. 

Bleach Alternative
Get your whites whiter when you make a bleach alternative with washing soda and hydrogen peroxide. Safer for your family, home, and pets. 

Energy Efficient Washer/Dryer
If you need to replace or upgrade your laundry room, consider energy star appliances and a high-efficiency washer to decrease water and energy consumption. 

Stain Remover Stick
Replace harsh, toxic stain removers with a coconut oil based, eco-friendly stain eliminator stick. Not only will you lessen chemical use, but you’ll also be eliminating a plastic spray bottle. 

Wash Bag
It’s hard to have a closet completely free of synthetic fibers and when you wash those items they release tiny plastic particles into the water. The Guppyfriend washing bag traps those fibers so you can dispose of them properly. 

With these 10 tips for eco-friendly laundry, your family and the environment will thank you!  We’re celebrating your success, make sure to share your favorite eco-friendly tip with us at #elynlaundry. 


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