Eco Friendly Fall Decor

Fall is in the air and with it comes the scent of cinnamon, crisp leaves, and Sunday bonfires. While summer had its own natural glory with the deep green of a long summer day, fall calls to be decked out in rich colors. But with so many decorations plastic-based and doing significant harm to our earth, how do we decorate in an eco-friendly way? We asked ourselves the same question. The result? A curated list of ways to bring fall into your homes, sustainably.

Forage the Neighborhood 

  • Decorate the porch with live plants and flowers such as mums and kale. Both varieties can be planted in the ground to continue providing year-round enjoyment.
  • Seek out corn stalks, wheat shafts, or hay from local farms which can also be composted when the holidays are over. 
  • Fill mason jars with tree branches found in nature and supplement with dried botanicals from The Bloomist

    Decorate with Textiles 

    • As the air develops a chill, bring out an extra cozy throw for the couch. The Eco-Wise ® wool in these plaid blankets is sustainable and supports responsible stewardship by Pendleton. 
    • Upcycling a favorite old sweater into a comfy throw pillow and snuggle up while you sip an afternoon cup of cocoa. 
    • Instead of buying plastic leaves to decorate, add a handmade felt maple leaf garland to your mantel. 

    All Things Pumpkin 

    • Swap out plastic pumpkins for the real deal. Check your farmer’s market for a wide variety of pumpkins, large and small, as well as decorative gourds you can use year after year. 
    • Add some texture to the pumpkins lining your porch and DIY a few from concrete
    • Another easy DIY to add to the fall-themed mantel are mini twine pumpkins. Easily made with household items these are sure to delight. 

    We hope you join us in upgrading our fall decorations to more sustainable and eco-friendly versions. Share your favorite new pumpkin and tag us at #elynfall  

    Photo by Sarah Boudreaucottonbro and Karolina Grabowska


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