Eco Friendly Bloggers

We’re all working to make small, easy changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle. At Elyn, we believe that success starts by surrounding ourselves with positive inspiration and education. Check out our recommended reads for eco-friendly bloggers, each one features multiples ways for you to take small steps to better choices for our environment.

Eco Warrior Princess @Jennifer Nini + @Eco Warrior Princess
When you want to immerse yourself in comprehensive coverage of sustainability, the Eco Warrior Princess site has it all.  Dedicated to covering lifestyle, wellness, fashion, and business topics, Eco Warrior Princess provides in-depth reports to keep you in the know. Zero Waste @Katherine Kellogg
If you’re curious about how to go Zero Waste or need the inspiration to stay the course, Going Zero Waste is the place to start. Chock full of how-to posts and easy to achieve zero waste swaps, Katherine is a wealth of knowledge.
Old World New
 @Addie Fisher
Writing from the intersection of sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyle, Old World New brings readers tips that are easy to implement and good for the environment. Addie takes you along on her journey to becoming a better steward of the earth, one step at a time.

We’d love to hear who your favorite eco-friendly bloggers are, tag us to share at #Elynecofriendlybloggers 

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