Easy Ways to Recycle

Recycling doesn’t have to be hard and we’re here to help. Let’s set ourselves up for success by having a main recycling area with clearly labeled containers. Your local area may provide bins so be sure to request ones with lids for easier transport and to keep Mother Nature and animals out of your recycling! Below you’ll find 10 handy tips for easy recycling around the home and office. 

Buy new clothing from companies that recycle their products – We love companies that encourage consumers to return their products so they can recycle or reuse them. Here are 6 great brands that recycle textiles.

Donate used clothing, accessories, and gently worn shoes to your local thrift stores. Pick a day when the seasons are changing and choose a few items for donation that haven’t been worn in a while. Make it a family affair and get everyone involved!

Wondering what to do with your cosmetic containers? Many companies, such as MAC and Lush, offer an option to return the primary packaging (what the cosmetic comes in) in exchange for a free product. If your product comes in a glass or plastic package, wash, dispose of any pumps and recycle. How about setting up a beautiful, dedicated box under the sink for easy sorting and storage? 

Don’t forget about hair care bottles and cardboard packaging from toilet paper rolls and toothpaste. Another easy storage tip is keeping a washable bag on a hook behind the door for easy, whole family access.

Invest in glass canning jars to store your non-perishable pantry items. Not only are they easy to use, but they can also do double duty for your water, morning smoothie, or iced coffee.

Recycle your water! If you have leftover water from boiling your eggs or steaming veggies, let it cool and use it to water your plants, inside or out.

Flatten all the cardboard packaging food products come in. This will give you more space for recycling, keep the area tidy and make it more appealing to recycle.

Set up a battery recycle station in an easy to access area so the whole family can pitch in. Reuse a glass container or cover a shipping box with pretty paper. Once you have a container full, check Call2Recycle for a drop off location near you.

Bring your own mug. Many coffee shops offer a discount when customers bring in their own, plus you can add a spark to your day with a personalized motivational quote to keep in the recycling spirit.

Save on paper by printing on both sides, or best yet, only print what’s essential.

The best way to make recycling easier is by getting the whole house involved!  And most important, make sure to celebrate your hard work in making the planet a better place. Tag us on social #elynrecyclingtips and share your best ideas. 

Photo by Laura Mitulla on Unsplash

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