Building a Recycling Station


Here at Elyn we love to recycle and one of our misions is to make it easy and doable for all. With a busy household having a dedicated area to handle all your needs will streamline the recycling process making it straightforward and simple. If you aren’t sure how to start, we have 3 Tips to Setting Up a Recycling Station to set you up for success. 

One of the most important aspects of your recycling station set up is to pick a central storage space that’s easy and convenient for everyone to access. Making your space bright and inviting will encourage and motivate you to recycle. Consider hanging colorful instructions on how to sort items to help even the youngest family members get involved. 

The containers you choose will help keep your recycling station tidy and promote consistent practices. Many options are available ranging from wood, metal, or even cloth, just be sure the containers you choose have a wide enough opening to easily deposit your recycling. You also want to make sure they’re easy to keep clean and odor-free. 

Sorting your recycling is a chore but it doesn’t have to be! Check RecyclingCenters.org to see what your area accepts and then take the guesswork out of what goes where by labeling your containers with clear signs. Making your label large enough to read at a glance makes it easy to recycle when you’re busy and on the go. 

Having a dedicated space for your recycling station will help everyone contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Tag us and share your space #elynrecyclingstation 

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