10 Simple Low Waste Habits to Adopt Today!

At Elyn two of our core values are around Simplicity and Sustainability. Creating a sustainable lifestyle starts by decreasing the amount of waste going into landfills and one way to do this is by making small changes towards low waste habits. Here at Elyn, we believe changing habits can be easy when the habit is simple and straightforward so we’ve collected 10 simple low waste habits to adopt today.

1. Switch to using re-usable cloth grocery bags to replace plastic grocery bags.

2. Stock your pantry with Mason jars to store non-perishable foods.

3. Buy your own stainless steel straw to replace the plastic single-use version in your morning cup of coffee or tea.

4. Take it one step further and exchange the paper to-go cup for your own personal mug.

5. Set the table with washable cloth napkins and decrease the use of paper napkins.

6. Swap paper towels with reusable dish towels for a waste-free kitchen clean up.

7. Pack your own lunch in reusable containers and do away with plastic snack and sandwich bags.

8. For new moms making a change to using cloth diapers to replace disposable ones.

9. Tumble your laundry with a set of wool dryer balls instead of single-use dryer sheets.

10. Save a tree and request an electronic receipt or bill delivery.

We hope you find these low waste habits a breeze to make part of your everyday life! Let’s us know what habits you’re changing on social - tag us #elynlowwastehabits 

Photo by Anna Tukhfatullina Food Photographer/StylistElla Olsson and Mel Poole.

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